Sunday, January 16, 2011

Traffic is tricky! What to do to get traffic to your site?

It's a hard thing to do, go out and sign up to viewer sites, you view they view etc, but does that work? You can't post your link on forums or brag about it in chat forums. You can spend money but man you better have a wicked site to have money to pay for clicks and see a return. Then there's the 1000's of hits but they all end up being from China and China has robots viewing those pages acting like humans. So now you are still looking for traffic, well submitting to search engines is definitely the number 1 thing to do. All I can say is wait, make it and wait, create a reason for it to be online that would get hits in the first place. Make it a returnable site, aka a craving for updates. Yes updating is a must. Add some meta contant, no it is not dead it is your page title and first sentence on google search results. Make key words that match exactly what you got, no off topic stuff or google will ignore it. Maybe hang out in a chat room or session to spread the word but make sure you are already a regular so you are not a spammer.

Good luck maybe more very soon!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Giving up on Traffic

Well I spent many hours creating traffic but the traffic gods only allow you so much and you can't get anymore till they feel you deserve it. So one stride forward pushes another one back. Visitors will come but most of this stuff is not sending the right visitors. Most online payment ads are a waste of money but they don't care, cause they get your money. Stop budgeting for online ads, they are a rip off. Oh well I am sure you will keep doing that but all this free stuff is a huge headache.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Updated Info on Hits

Well, I am looking for other methods of traffic, every site is so similar to Revisitors that I just can't say I want to sign up to any of them. Some offer cheaper hits and others offer more hits for a price of course. I really want to try them all out but there is soo many and I did I would have to keep a stat info on each of them. Firstly I have to turn on my website stats again, the problem is my hoster company charges for space and these stats take alot of space, so you gotta delete them every month. I also have the new analyzer and if we got php4.4 I believe on our server we can activate it and I can see all they hits. So far I am using bitadvertiser, clicksor, and revisitors. Bitadvertiser works ok, you do get some click throughs but not many visit more than 10 pages, so the rest are the one hit wonders. Clicksor is not working so good either, they are just sending me hits but they all seem one hit wonders as well. Revisitors as well is in the same boat, no increase in page views at all. I am gonna say they are a bust and offered no value to my site as every hit was a one hit wonder. Lastly, I signed up for bannersMLM, as you don't pay for a month and you get to see the hits they send you and they claim they are direct. I like bannersMLM as they seem to a good banner exchange system as well, so right now they are making my banners for the add and they promise these hits will be real. At the end of the month they will charge me and I will then cancel or continue. So if you are new to this game watch out on those 1000 to 1 million real hits to your site, they are probable all fake. I gotta find a message board that deals with these companies. Till next time.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The company responds

Well I found a tracking company that is free and should show me every hit to the site, not just what addfreestats can offer. I have been looking for days and all the free ones offer less than what addfreestats offers for free and to get better results you gotta pay but paying for more than 3000 visitors a day will cost you alot of money you don't wanna send. I am a firm believer that we should get it all for free and seems I found the right system.

Now I said that revisitors was sending me these fake hits, as I called it, but the man in charge said we never get fake hits out. He called these hits ones that pop up on the customer who probable in turn closes the window. Well if that was the truth there would be at least one or two people not closing the window immediately but not everyone. So my stats don't lie they show that 0% of them go beyond no time and no view, so that means they are fake. Of course he is not gonna say that, but seriously who do you think you are kidding when all the hits I see are useless. He even said others are very happy with their hits, yah like who? He couldn't bother mentioning anyone. Of course that is not all the hits they sending me he said. I am suppose to be getting about 380 hits a day. I still got another 10,000 USA hits to send to my site and this time I am gonna see how many of these url leads with no page view he sends me. I bet you they are all that style with the tracking url and being a new page I can see the hits all on that page and know they are from him and nobody else and then I can prove he is not sending me anything. At that time I can take that information and ask for a refund or worse yet chargeback the card due to the hits all being fake. As I said I think all these hits sites are the same, they take your money and throw you fake hits and tell you they are real and they don't offer you any tracking code so you can't analysis what he is sending you.

So I am gonna add this new stat system and see what they show me and the get that other page for revisitors up to send more traffic to, and not ones from china, they say they send you world wide hits but all the traffic was coming from china. As this is not the first time I have bought these fake hits from these companies I know to save my money. Even today it was a Sunday, hits are down but he is suppose to be sending me 380 hits a day and my sales sucked. I could have sale like today without his traffic so I can see he is not doing nothing for me. I don't think I would ever touch revisitors again once this traffic stops coming. I just can't stand looking at my stats and seeing his url and the page views as 1 sitting beside it. It is like: "sure eat my bandwidth call it a hit." It would be nice to know if anyone else out there had these problems but maybe most people don't understand stats and how to see real traffic vs mysterious traffic.

So I have not finished my report on revisitors yet and I want to prove they are sending me some real hits and I will do my best on my own to see, as I don't have time to contact others to see what they found out. Stay tuned for more.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ah, I get it. They all the same?

Ok. I looked at a few of those companies on google that sell direct traffic to your site. They seem to be very much the same. In a sense they probable are all the same company, but the odds in that are probable not good. However, several promote the same type of promotion. Promising you hits that are direct hits. The problem is none of these companies probable offer conversion tracking. I only say probable because the one I am with now does not offer anything other than showing you they are sending you traffic. From where they won't tell you. How long they stay on the site, they won't tell you. I assume that is because what they are sending you is not real. Some companies even say you have to check your website stats to really see the hits because the ones they send you don't show up in tracking stats. Well why is that? Because they are not real hits. I have tried several of these companies over the year and none and I mean none of them have increased my hits. So here I am using revisitors and what do I see, Hits with no time and no page views. I know because it is all the same url from them, just different numbers at the end. So supposely this is them showing my site from someone going to an expired domain, well if this was true there would be at least 1 second recorded for time. At this time I am not sure any of these so called google ads sites actually give you hits. This would make sense though, that all these companies are the same so you flop from one to another exhausting your money for fake hits. If you have a site that deals with paying you for impressions, ie., they would immediately shut you down if you ever used one of these services. So my advice for now is buy the least amount of traffic. Find a stat tracking company ad it to a unique page and have the traffic sent to that page and see what happens. If you want more traffic and keep buying these good traffic sites hits I would set up a new page and a new tracking account for each page. Knowing what they send you and seeing if it truely works is the only way. I will keep analyzing and harrassing revisitors till they show me they are sending me true hits. So far they are darn slow at answering emails, but why not when you are not even sending us one sale. I would like to email those reviewers and see what they say now. Bet none of them are using the company now. Oh well 25 more days of those no views no time visitors.

Stay tuned as I tell you how to get traffic the real way. Real visitor and real hits. Hint: Adbrite (but they are big now and cost to adv. is expensive), there are other out there as well. I just bought a 10 dollar a week spot and am getting more than 100 hits a day from this one site. That is worth every penny as 80% of the hits have time and tons of page views. I will be moving from this fake google traffic sites to these adbrite style sites as they work.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Traffic to site

Well I let my main keywords on Yahoo expire last night and wanted to see if was doing anything for me. I keep checking stats and all I still see is single no view hits, and there was not big increase in sales. I am disppointed that they said they were like everyone else but I really think they are just gonna send me hits that give me nothing. I even paid extra to get hits from US, Europe, Canada and Mexico on another program, it comes after you buy your first traffic, they promise more hits, search engine submission and a link our site. So paid for that and the traffic they sent me came from china. I said stop this via the email and he put my site on pause and has not bothered to email me back on what they are doing. I want hits to my site but these people who advertise on google seem to send you fake hits. I will keep you posted but for now I need to look at another type of avertising as I feel these hits are not gonna lead to anything. If my sales jumped to double I know it works, if they stay the same it does nothing. Ok off to try another one.

Traffic to your site and going with

It is amazing how many sites our out that that promote traffic to your site for money, but is the money well spent? I have tried many types of advertisers and keep trying more as I try and find new hits to my site that actually mean anything. I have to look for a better stats company to see all the hits but for now I do what I can with I originally started my website hoping to find all the answers, what I did find is if you want to sleep and get traffic then you gotta pay for it. If you want to not sleep you can surf the exchange sites and more getting hits for your site by visiting other sites or clutter your site up with popups/pop behind exchanges but you won't have a life. So after trying a few ebay purchase sites that promise hits, some just turned out to be exchangers and the other just gave one hit wonders. So I tried my first google ad traffic source named I was convinced they seemed to better than others I clicked on and spent over $100.00 in the end for traffic. So far I have not seen an increase in sales but an increase in one page 0 seconds view time impressions, meaning nobody is looking at the unique hit. So I wanted to start creating a resource for you guys to find out who might be better and who is not so good to get traffic to your site. We spent many hours adding ways to get traffic to your site at and now I am gonna test these 10,000 page hit companies off google and see what happens. Currently they are show me not so good hits and claiming they are sending proper hits has not been seen. My worst fear is all these sites run under the same company and are not really offering true hits, so I need to keep track of who I test and for how much. This way you the visitor might find some usefull information if you are trying to get hits too. Personally I hate paying for traffic but I dont mind trying to pay for real hits. Who really gives that out remains to be seen but I can test them on website at a time.